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Australian manufacturer and supplier of unique military and police weapon plaques and Trophies.   Weapons and Militaria   from Australia and around the world...all conflicts , WW1 , WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Somalia , East Timor , Timor Leste , Iraq, Solomon Islands, Afghanistan , Malaya, Borneo, Rawanda and many more.... L1A1 SLR,  M16, AK 47, F88 Aus Steyr , Bren Gun, Owen Gun, .303 SMLE  , Browning High Power , Grenades, Bayonets,and more !!

L1A1 SLR now available with the older style rectangular hand guards

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24th July 2012
Just announcing a music video by the band Forever Road in NSW with their new song " Your a Soldier Too"...M16 in the clip is actually one of our full size half sided plaques used to comply with state laws, here's the link

24th March, 2012

Just advising ...ALL replica ordnance and weapons are now on a new site progressively being updated

the site link is


Half Sided weapon and Ordnance plaques and kits will remain on this site

Australian 9mm F1 Sub Machine Gun Plaque and Plaque Kit
Painted Plaque ready to be mounted $ 300.00
Unpainted ready to paint and mount $ 200.00
( note as a unpainted kit mag has to be attached)...plus registered postage
Here at Oz Gun Works and Militaria our aim is to
provide you with quality military and Police weapon plaque
components so you can build your own cost effective
display plaques. However if you just want the finished
plaque we can provide that too !!
All of our half weapon plaque components are cast in polyurethane resin - a hard type of plastic. We then cast the weapon from high quality moulds that replicate the detail of the original in size and detail except of course only one side is reproduced ( flat on the reverse side) , right down to scratches and dings and manufacturer markings.
With a compehensive list of weapons available like the General Purpose Machine Gun ( GPMG ) M60, Bren Light machine Gun, Owen  Gun, SLR and F88 Austeyr Rifles and pistols like the Browning High Power to name a few.
Just "click" on the product selection on the left hand side of this page and new pages will be displayed with product information and prices.   

General Purpose Machine Gun 7.62mm  M60