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Australian manufacturer and supplier of unique military and police weapon plaques and Trophies.   Weapons and Militaria   from Australia and around the world...all conflicts , WW1 , WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Somalia , East Timor , Timor Leste , Iraq, Solomon Islands, Afghanistan , Malaya, Borneo, Rawanda and many more.... L1A1 SLR,  M16, AK 47, F88 Aus Steyr , Bren Gun, Owen Gun, .303 SMLE  , Browning High Power , Grenades, Bayonets,and more !!
WW1 1917 .303 SMLE
Bayonet and scabbard NOT INCLUDED!
Service Rifle of the Australian Defence Force from WW1 through to Korea
Supplied complete mounted on plaque  or as a kit 

General Purpose Machine Gun 7.62mm  M60