Welcome to Ozgunworks and Militaria.
Australian manufacturer and supplier of unique military and police weapon plaques and Trophies.   Weapons and Militaria   from Australia and around the world...all conflicts , WW1 , WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Somalia , East Timor , Timor Leste , Iraq, Solomon Islands, Afghanistan , Malaya, Borneo, Rawanda and many more.... L1A1 SLR,  M16, AK 47, F88 Aus Steyr , Bren Gun, Owen Gun, .303 SMLE  , Browning High Power , Grenades, Bayonets,and more !!

Half Grenades - full size 
supplied with replica metal pins and pull ring if applicable
Mount as an additional to your plaque or purchase as a kit. Grenades available M36 mills Grenade, M26 HE Grenade , Smoke Grenade, 40mm M79/M203 HE Grenade, Flash Bang Grenade
Plaque - $40.00
Kit Painted - $25.00
Kit Unpainted - $ 18.00
All prices are plus post
General Purpose Machine Gun 7.62mm  M60